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For those who are called to chastity training, there is no substitute for an inescapable chastity device and a strict, feminine keyholder.  Once in chastity, you may walk free in the world, but part of you is always firmly under my control.  For me, keeping males in chastity feels like the most natural thing in the world.  We who desire the chastity lifestyle understand that enforced male chastity is fundamental to a fulfilling female-led relationship.

Interest in chastity often begins when a male stumbles across a website such as Altairboy and finds himself physically aroused and perhaps also emotionally longing for a dominant woman to keep him locked in chastity.  I have kept men in chastity for over 60 days, although at first it may be difficult for a man to go for even two whole days in chastity.  This is why I believe that methodical training and behavior modification is the best approach.  In my quest for inescapable male chastity, I have experimented with various devices including the cb2000, cb3000, and cb6000 (all of which are far too escapable unless worn with teeth,) Mistress Lori's devices, and several varieties of metal tube devices.  I have not yet tried the Birdlock Chastity device, but I look forward to testing it.  There is a chastity device for virtually every situation and lifestyle.  There is no need for man who longs for supervision to go without.

The brilliance of chastity is in the way that the sensations of frustration, denial, helplessness, and suffering are transformed into an irresistible journey into surrender.  The impact of chastity training on errant male behavior is remarkably effective.  Perhaps with time you too will discover that denial is the new pleasure and will find yourself begging me to be permitted to remain in chastity for me for longer and longer durations.

In ongoing chastity training, a submissive is totally controlled in one very specific way while being at liberty to go about normal life, creating a delicious tension between freedom and captivity.  And when we are together, chastity enhances your submission marvelously, creating a constant reminder of your submissive role and responsibilities. Chastity can be part of marvelously wicked short-term game, or a journey of meaningful training and submission in an ongoing sub/domme relationship.


A few favorites:

Chastity as a constant reminder of submissive status
Chastity agreements that do not require a device
Inescapable chastity devices
Chastity devices with teeth
Ongoing chastity training between visits
Chastity as respite from the demands of the libido
Chastity to control excessive masturbation
Chastity to correct a selfish attitude
Chastity as part of a female-led relationship
Chastity as an aspect of loving female authority
Chastity combined with cuckholding
Chastity as a humiliating consequence for having a small penis
Chastity training that becomes more rigorous with time
Torment through extended periods of denial
Chastity as a tool in psychological conditioning
Frustration as its own pleasure
Chastity Girdle (panty girdle) training for sissies
Emasculating chastity as part of feminization play
Chastity as form of maternal control during ageplay
Week-long chastity “vacations”
Chastity as a journey of liberation through confinement


Please note:  The chastity experience I offer centers around control, frustration, and denial, and does not involve any kind of teasing or touching.

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